How We Work

Providing Flexibility & Peace of Mind

Auxilium HR Solutions Ltd can offer its clients a flexible approach to service delivery, tailored to suit your specific business need, there are no rigid packages of work. However, to give you a flavour of how we have worked with clients and how we might best support your business, here are some details of how we work.

Ad-hoc Solutions

Relationship: Specialist HR advice, second opinion or capacity when you need it!

Benefit: At the end of the phone or email when you need that specialist HR advice or a second opinion before you act. Should you need me to, you can call me in to provide additional capacity to your team, or simply sort the issue for you – taking away that headache and allowing you to get on with running your business.

Value: Competitively priced support, which you only pay for when you need me.

Project & Case
Management Solutions

Relationship: Specialist HR capability ensuring on-time delivery for your project.

Benefit: Specialist HR advice, guidance and capacity to support you and your management team deliver on your HR, change management projects or case management requirements. With options to support you design and deliver your project end to end or simply parachute in for specific elements for that specialist HR advice, tricky meeting or more procedural project phase. Giving you peace of mind that your project or case is handled with legal compliance, and your staff and managers are supported appropriately through any change, allowing you to focus on taking your business forward.

Value: Competitively priced support, often fixed price, meaning you can plan and budget.

Retained People
Management Solutions

Relationship: Trusted partner and extension to your management team.

Benefit: The best solution if your business needs a regular and dedicated amount of my time each month to proactively and systematically tackle your HR requirements. Whether your HR requirements is strategic, operational or a combination of the two, I will work as a trusted partner to support you and your business in meeting your people management challenges.

Value: My most competitively priced support with a fixed monthly fee spread over a 6 or 12-month commitment period meaning you can plan and budget for your specialist HR advice, guidance and support knowing you have a trusted partner by your side every step of the way.

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